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We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question in not listed or you require further assistance, please either call us on 020 7277 7663 or email on info@kidscards4christmas.com

How much money can we raise?

The amount of money you can raise for your School or Nursery is dependant on how many Christmas Card packs the children order. An example of this is set out below. For example, if 300 pupils participate, your School/Nursery can raise up to £450 or £600, depending on which Christmas Card packs are bought. Its easy and fun and you still have the potential of raising a lot of money for your School or Nursery.

What is the minimum number of pupil who can participate in this scheme?

We ask that a minimum of 25 pupils participate. However if parents/guardians want their child to create their own Christmas cards then they are exempt from the scheme and are asked to pay the full postage and packaging costs when placing the order.

Note to Parents/Guardians: Please contact us for further information on how to place and complete an order.

When will our Christmas Cards be delivered?

Christmas Card Deliveries
All our orders are delivered in the order that we receive them. Leading up to Christmas is a busy time for everyone. Please allow as much time as possible and think ahead. You can contact us at any time to check on the progress of your children's Christmas Card packs. Our despatch time is usually 2-3 working days once the cards have been printed.

How do we pay?

We require payment made via cheque within two weeks of you receiving the printed Christmas Cards. Your School/Nursery will collect the monies from the parents who have placed an order and made a payment to the School/Nursery. Please retain what you have generated through this scheme and forward the rest onto us.

How do I check the order status?

You can contact us on 020 7277 7663 or email info@kidscards4christmas.com. We will require the School/Nursery name and class details in order to update you on the status.

Once registered, will our details be used by any other company?

We do not share you details with any other company and carry out all of our services in house. We hold your details on our own client database.

Is VAT included in the cost of the Cards?

Yes, VAT is already included in the cost of the cards.


Please note that the printed Christmas Cards are sent in a secure envelope. Whereas if we have a large order from several classes we will package the Christmas Cards in a large box to accommodate them.

What do I get for my money?

The Christmas cards are printed in full colour to the highest commercial standard. They are an ideal way to support a child’s talent and share this with family and friends.

Can I have a personal message in my cards?

All our cards are blank on the inside. You can state a short message on your order form and we will print it on the 9 cards for only 50p extra.

How long does a project take approximately?

The 5 steps take approx. 4-5 weeks from start to finish if the art is completed within 2 weeks of receiving the starter pack.

Apart from greetings cards, what else can parents order?

Canvases & Calendars.

How many deliveries are involved between the School/Nursery and the Kids Card 4 Christmas Team?

1. We deliver the starter pack plus the free templates
2. You return the templates once they are designed
3. We print and send one copy of each design, for each child to keep, free of charge
4. You send us order forms of all the orders placed
5. We process those orders and send out the printed card packs

Who should parents make their cheques payable to?

Parents make the cheques payable to the school, NOT to Kids Cards 4 Christmas. The school collects individual parental payments and then they create one cheque payable to Kids Cards 4 Christmas.

I have decided not to participate in this scheme, how do I cancel my registration?

There is a £10 administration fee for cancellations. You will also be required to reimburse us for the Postage and Packing cost that was paid when we sent out the Starter Pack.


There are no charges for registration and fundraising . However as soon as we send out your starter pack to you, you will then be liable to a £10 administration fee should you decide to not participate thereafter.

We regret having to invoke an administration charge for cancellation however the administration fee has been set to cover both the cost of postage and the cost of producing the starter pack.

Our school participated last year. Do we need to re-register for this year?

Yes. Go to the registration page of the web site and re-register.

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