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Kids Cards 4 Christmas is a rewarding fundraising project that involves all the children in your class. The children get to design and create their own personalised Christmas Cards while the project itself helps raise well needed funds for your School or Nursery. The School Christmas Card fundraising project is fun and children really enjoy creating their own Christmas Cards.

The rewards } Working together

The Christmas Card fundraising project itself is both rewarding for you as a teacher or Organiser as well as an incredibly useful and worthwhile project to teach your children how to create, design and work on something that will benefit them and their School or Nursery year after year. The School Christmas Card fundraising project can fit seamlessly into your existing curriculum. All age groups of children benefit.

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So! } Where do I begin?

You must first register your School or Nursery with us. Once you have done this we can then send you your starter pack which contains everything you need to start fundraising for your School or Nursery. Our starter packs contain everything you need to produce your children's Christmas Cards. Each pack we send to you comes with a complete instructional guide, FREE templates, sample Christmas Cards together with prices and fundraising facts and figures.

Fundraising } The Facts

Not only is this fun for every child that participates, but the Christmas Card fundraising project itself can raise substantial well needed funds for your School or Nursery.

In brief the project works like this. You register your School or Nursery. We send you everything you need in the form of a starter pack. Your children design their personalised Christmas Cards and when they are complete, please post back to us and we will refund the postage cost on completion. We will then professionally print one copy of each child's Christmas Card and send these straight back to your School or Nursery together with an order form.

Standard packs of Christmas Cards are available from only £6.50 for 9 Christmas Cards, of which £1.50 will be retained by your School or Nursery. As you can see just one class of children creating their own personalised Christmas Cards can help your School or Nursery raise a substantial amount of money to use on other worthwhile projects.

Popular Photo } Packs

Our Photo Christmas Card packs are very popular. All you need to do is send us a picture of each child and we will position it on the back of the Christmas Cards. See the example below. Each photo pack sold by your School or Nursery raises £2.00 for your School or Nursery. All the informaiton you need is contained within your starter pack.

Childrens Photo Christmas Cards
If you need some useful tips, why not take a look at our 'Design Tips' web page for some ideas. Please read our FAQs page for more help.

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Maximise the effectiveness of the fundraising project for your School or Nursery

  • Inform and involve the parents, teachers and the PTA of the fundraising project
  • Notify parents that their children will be designing artwork on Christmas Cards that they can purchase and help raise funds
  • Keep a structured timeline, as this fundraising project has deadlines
  • Provide a link from your School/Nursery’s website to KidsCards4Christmas website
  • Place the KidsCards4Christmas Promotional Poster on your School/Nursery notice board

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